Nuvany Ni’ce x Ferociter Giveaway

Congrats to Michelle from Cali…More goodies coming so don’t forget to join the mailing list and check back frequently!!!

Time for another giveaway sponsored by Ferociter…Check out the Fresh N Fierce feature we did on Ferociter…Designer Aimie Dukes has an extensive background in design which is evident in each and every one of her visually stimulating creations…This Super Cute Nautical Charm Necklace is from the Nautica Collection which consists of only 3 designs…Wanna win it, all you have to do is sign up for our Notify List on the bottom left hand side of the site(if you’ve already signed up please do so again, to be sure your in)…Also, I’m working on a new and improved site design, I would really luv to know what your interested in seeing here at Nuvany Ni’ce(not required for contest entry)…So just leave a comment with your suggestion/s…One winner will be picked at random on April 27, 2008! Oh forgot to mention I have a vintage bauble ring from Ferociter, I actually did a post about it a while back,its one of my favorites to wear!

3 Responses to “Nuvany Ni’ce x Ferociter Giveaway”

  1. Secretista Says:

    I want!!!

  2. dolls123 Says:

    I tried to sign up on the notify list but it won’t let me sign up twice. “Oops, you’re already on that list!”
    I think your site is fine as-is.


  3. Michelle Rosborough Says:

    I got the necklace yesterday. Its very pretty and my daughter is
    already wearing it.

    THAN K YOU !!!!!!!

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