I know its been a while, i’ve been slacking on the posts…But i’ve been madddd busy…The older my kids get the more and more I realize its never gonna end, being a parent and its all good its just no joke and lots of work…From classes for myself to shuffling them to all of their activities and just the everyday things that you have to do in life, its been like a huge ramble…So i’m def. working on some new things for the site, going on a big shopping trip to a vintage warehouse at the end of this month, so look out for some new stuff, working on getting a new site design(I know it loads slow and its kinda confusing so i’m def. working on that) and lots lots more…Thanks for hangin in there with me, its been an adventurous ride and Nuvany Ni’ce will slowly but surely develop and grow daily!!! So i’m in a rush as usual but I just luv this pic. above of Miss Santogold(if you don’t know about her, where you been???) The most random things inspire me and excite me, I’m luvin her hair and her vintage-esque top it just works…So simple, I luv it…So check her out in the newest issue Anthem Mag…Hope your having a wonderful and productive day! OH AND I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE STREET STYLE PICS., KAI BROKE MY NEW CAMERA ALREADY, I KNOW I KNOW…ITS MY FAULT BUT I’VE SENT IT IN TO GET FIXED AND IT SHOULD BE BACK SOON!