I have never been a dress kinda gal…but I promised myself this year that I would at least make an effort to try and incorporate or I guess buy some dresses to add to my wardrobe! I’m also working on dressing according to my body type…I am learning to accept myself just as I am, slim(I HATE THE WORD SKINNY) and very lacking in the chest dept. 🙂 but hey I guess it could be worst right…We women can always find something to nit pick about! I luv these dresses from aussie brand Birds of a Feather…I really like the vintage-esque prints and the strapless and bandeau styles…I think one of my greatest assets are my shoulders and my neckline so these would compliment well…Spring has definitely sprung time to dig out your dresses or in my case buy some! Mmmm, I think I’m sticking my foot in my mouth as I type this but I am going to commit to wearing at least one dress a week…I’ll let you all know how this is working out for me being that I don’t have many YET ;)(wink, wink)! Do skirts count???

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