FIYAH!!!! Whew, just found out about this lovely designer by the name of Megan Huntz(shout out to Larry at Epidemik Coalition for putting me on, more soon come from ec).Sister girl is di truth, ya hear! So i’m even more in luv with her because she’s and americana chica livin in ITALY…That’s what I’m talkin about globetrottin fashionista…Originally reppin the ATL, Megan hand dyes and washes each 100% silk creation…Every dress is one-of-a kind and numbered by hand to ensure exclusivity…And if you happen to be in Miami on March 22, check Meagan out at the
Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion annual show…Wish I could be there to see these beautifl dresses in person :)!

2 Responses to “THINGS I luv”

  1. Secretista Says:

    Interesting… I discovered something new.

  2. Secretista Says:

    Yes! I’m Nigerian!!!! What’s your other half?

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