I went on one of my tarjet excursions the other day! Of course I just needed to pick up some pampers and said to myself “I’M GOIN IN AND COMIN OUT”…Who do I think I’m fooling do I EVER just come in and come out? Anyhoo I always seem to justify my spending in tarjet by boasting that I got whatever it is on SALE!!! I had been eyeing this top for a min. but new that it would eventually go on sale and I could wait…Well for $4.24 it was well worth the wait, its actually a maternity top by liz lange(now me of all people with 4 kids don’t even need to be remotely close to a maternity section, i might get jinxed :)…I’m so in luv with the print I figured if it didn’t fit well I’ll cut it up and use the fabric to make another piece! But alas an XS fit just right…I also got these wedges for $17.99, I basically got them because the sole is wooden and for the funky cut out and oh yeah it doesn’t hurt that green is my favorite color..Not sure what I’m going to pair this top with, but I’ll figure it out!