Feature: Fresh n Fierce


NN: Words can’t describe the way I felt when I happened upon Tisha Brown’s delectable earrings…I’m drawn to designers that create with simplicity and chicness, and Rebel Chic is just that! Who is Tisha Brown?

RC: Tisha Brown is a girl who appreciates the beauty in simple things. Whether designing jewelry or styling, there is an art in making a statement with simplicity.

NN: As a fashion stylist and costume designer first, one would think you would possibly be more drawn to designing clothing, why jewelry?

RC:Who knows, clothing design could be in the future but for now I can walk into a store and find clothing that I like. My interest in designing jewelry came from the lack of variety in the market. Everything was beaded or hammered metal and I wanted jewelry that stood apart from the pieces out there, so I figured why not make my own.

NN: I’m so excited to know that you use reclaimed leather and organic materials…Why did you make this decision and do you plan to incorporate any other methods/materials into your designs in the future?

RC: When conceptualizing Rebel Chic I thought instead of using entire hides of leather why not use the remnants of discarded leather pieces. My career is a bit superficial but there are many ways we can make a change in our community without becoming Mother Theresa. Using reclaimed leather is one way for me. I do plan to expand on the line utilizing different materials and methods in the future.

NN: I’m sure hand making can become tiring and tedious, are your earrings made to order or do you have a limited quantity?

RC:They are made to order. Right now I sell to boutiques so I am able to keep up with the demand without my fingers falling off.

NN: Your debut collection is titled Aunty Entity, what were your inspirations for this collection and your brand overall?

RC:Aunty Entity is Tina Turner’s character from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I love the raw, barbaric design of the costumes. The use of metal and leather was edgy yet soft and feminine on Tina. Overall Rebel Chic is inspired by strong women who have influenced art, music and social change.

NN: What are some highlights of your experience as a jewelry designer thus far?

RC: The feedback I get from people. I love when people stop me in the street when I’m wearing my earrings and ask where they can buy them.

NN: Where can folks purchase Rebel Chic?

RC: They can buy online at http://www.rebelchicnyc.com or http://www.rebelchic.etsy.com
Rebel Chic is carried at LoveDay 31 in Astoria Queens, Screaming Mimi’s in NoHo and Stackhouse in Soho.
Stay tuned for boutiques in Brooklyn and Harlem.

3 Responses to “Feature: Fresh n Fierce”

  1. Rasheedahb Says:

    I love the fact that she uses reclaimed leather. I’m all for preserving the environment. I LOVE THESE EARRINGS 🙂

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    […] so excited that Miss Tisha Brown is back with a dose of freshness. I’ve been a fan from the beginning and Tisha has reciprocated the love as always. Tis the season for re-vamping it seems, new logo, […]

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