I’ve always loved photography thanks to my Dad…He studied photography in Spain back in the day and had maddd foto books of pics. he took that I would just flip through when I was a kid! I remember taking a photography class when I was in high school it was one of my greatest adventures, and what was so dope is that I used one of my dads vintage Pentax cams for the class…I recently stumbled upon (i think this is one of my fav. phrases these days, huh) this picture and it just captured me…Vintage photos have always intrigued me, there’s always a story jumping out at you…So this photo belongs to Coby, I don’t know Coby I just asked him if I could post his pic. on my blog and he obliged, thanks Coby :)(remember ya’ll i’m random like that, its just me) and here’s the message he sent me:

Thats me and Moms back in 77 on the front porch in DC across the street from Howard University, holdin down the block. Shes most likeley whistlin somethin from the Cat Stephens era or better yet some Pheobe Snow… wich would explain why “Poetry Man” and “Wild World” have been in my head on constant replay as long as i can remember…

My pops back in the day in Spain, would make an ill shirt huh!

2 Responses to “THINGS I luv”

  1. Dede Says:

    Ok. You and your Mom are beautiful! And your Dad has some photo skills!

    I luv this too…

  2. BudgetDiva Says:

    Love your creativity and fresh approach to inspiration. Keep it coming!

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