I have never been a dress kinda gal…but I promised myself this year that I would at least make an effort to try and incorporate or I guess buy some dresses to add to my wardrobe! I’m also working on dressing according to my body type…I am learning to accept myself just as I am, slim(I HATE THE WORD SKINNY) and very lacking in the chest dept. 🙂 but hey I guess it could be worst right…We women can always find something to nit pick about! I luv these dresses from aussie brand Birds of a Feather…I really like the vintage-esque prints and the strapless and bandeau styles…I think one of my greatest assets are my shoulders and my neckline so these would compliment well…Spring has definitely sprung time to dig out your dresses or in my case buy some! Mmmm, I think I’m sticking my foot in my mouth as I type this but I am going to commit to wearing at least one dress a week…I’ll let you all know how this is working out for me being that I don’t have many YET ;)(wink, wink)! Do skirts count???

Feature: Fresh n Fierce

NN: I’m so anxious to know and I’m sure this is a probably backwards and all as far as what to ask a person when you first meet them, but hey thats how we do at Nuvany Ni’ce…So how was the Gen Arts show this past weekend and how did this opportunity come about for you?

MH: Actually the date for the fashion show was changed to April 12. I entered the contest and was selected as one of four women’s wear designers, nine designers total for the fashion show. I’ve never done a fashion show before so I am really excited. I just launched my line last January by doing a small presentation in a new shop during the trade show Bread & Butter in Barcelona. But this Gen Art event will give me a great opportunity to make my debut in the States, and that’s exactly what I was hoping to do, so I am very honored to be part of the event.

NN: Okay so know can you introduce yourself and give us a little background where your from, education, when you launched your line?

MH:I’m originally from Atlanta. I studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, worked for a few years with a design firm back in Atlanta and decided to pursue a career in fashion after starting a small one-of-a-kind t-shirt business. I chose to go to Domus Academy in Milan because I did a lot of research and with my diverse background in design, it seemed like the right choice, also considering I had always admired European style and wanted to live there. After Domus, I worked for 2 years for Meltin’ Pot, an Italian denim company, then at one of the most important Italian concept stores, Lazzari of Treviso, then various consultancies for another American fashion designer working in Italy and brands of the Max Mara group: Max&Co and New Penny. My background is largely in denim: research and design. I love making jeans! It’s fascinating because you can go anywhere and see probably at least 80% of the people around wearing jeans. But after several years in the denim industry, I decided that I wanted to make my own fashion statement, so I started my line, and it is truly a reflection of what I think about dressing and style. It’s me. Jeans are for the rest of the world.

NN: Your logo reads Made in Italy by an American Girl…I imagine just living in Italy itself is an adventure and add to that being a fashion designer, MAJOR!!! Why did you choose to base yourself in Italy as opposed to America?

MH:In my first job, I was living in the middle of nowhere among olive trees in the most southern point of the “heel of the boot” (Puglia) and I had only one friend who spoke English. I literally learned how to speak Italian in a denim factory. Southern Italy is chaotic: filled with people who drive crazy, yell when they speak, don’t work very much, and have no respect for any kind of law or electrical codes and yet I left a piece of my heart there- it is such an amazing, beautiful, untouched-by-the-rest-of-the-world place. I chose to stay in Italy because after my work experience here I have built a strong base of contacts and resources. Everything I do is here- and even in Italian. Since I learned everything here, I would be lost if I had to read a pattern or talk about production methods in English.

NN: From your viewpoint what are some of the most apparent differences in fashion abroad vs. the U.S.?

MH:I love America because everything is so exaggerated and there is so much variety. It has the best and the worst, and everything in between. Our sense of freedom allows us to express our personal identities. You’ll find the same style sense in England. (Despite our cultural diversity, Americans overall are quite Anglo Saxon, at least on this subject) In Italy, people are more communal, and it’s more about fitting in and being respected among the community and having one small detail that makes you individual. In general, the way Italian people dress is about being classic and elegant but in fashion. In Europe, generally speaking, there is more regard for fashion and clothes are more fitted to the shape of the body.

NN: I can’t choose a favorite, I luv all of your dresses…How long does it take to produce one dress and is this a solo project or do you have help?

MH:It’s a solo project. I might take on an intern next summer. I have people asking me all the time! Because the washing and dyeing is an artistic process, the production of each dress can be quite time consuming. I’m very happy with the results, though. In the future, as I do bigger quantities, I will use a washing facility who specializes in these kind of techniques.

NN: Do you have any plans of expanding the line any further? What is your ultimate goal for Megan Huntz Dresses?

MH:To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I have an ultimate goal. My goal now is to sell all of the dresses I make, so that I can make a new series and keep on doing what I love. Beyond that, one of the reasons why I started my own business is so that I can make my own rules and live a balanced life. Work isn’t everything. Maybe that’s one of the beautiful things I take away from living in Italy.

NN: Can you tell us a few of your favorite shopping spots in Italy and also any indie designers that your feelin right now?

MH:Lazzari of Treviso,
10 Corso Como, Milano
Tad, Roma
Top Ten, Torino
I love Sara Lanzi, Casey Vidalenc, 6267, Bouboutic, Nicole Brundage (shoes), Roberto del Carlo (shoes), Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno at the moment.


Totally luvin all things Paul Smith these days…These shoes are ridiculous and I luv that Paul uses an array of ethnicities and not necesarrily the “NORM” looking folks in his ads…I was definitely drawn to this pic. above reminds me of my hubby and his krazy locs :)…And although Mr. Smith is a bit pricey, I’m all for splurging on essential pieces to your wardrobe, if its going to last you a long time and has a timeless look, then go for it! And last but not least hes not afraid of colours I luv luv luv bright colors year round!


FIYAH!!!! Whew, just found out about this lovely designer by the name of Megan Huntz(shout out to Larry at Epidemik Coalition for putting me on, more soon come from ec).Sister girl is di truth, ya hear! So i’m even more in luv with her because she’s and americana chica livin in ITALY…That’s what I’m talkin about globetrottin fashionista…Originally reppin the ATL, Megan hand dyes and washes each 100% silk creation…Every dress is one-of-a kind and numbered by hand to ensure exclusivity…And if you happen to be in Miami on March 22, check Meagan out at the
Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion annual show…Wish I could be there to see these beautifl dresses in person :)!


What, I know, I know this ring is ridiculous!!! Yep, yep and I just copped it from Ferociter, remember we featured Ms. Aimie a while back if you don’t refresh and check it HERE! I’m going to wear this ring everyday and of course its one of a kind, so i’ll be the only one rockin,rockin,rockin you(Rockers TV what ya’ll know about that)!!! My brain is just clickin right now, we used to say that back in the day when I was young in MD…”You clickin JOE”, ha ha memories…Okay I’m, back I wonder if there is like a book or something out there with like all of the sayings your moms used to say to you back in the day! One of my favorites is “Girl Ima smack you sooooo hard Im a leave a handprint on yo face”…From rings to the things your moms used to say to you back in the day only at Nuvany Ni’ce, and it rhymes ha ha!!! What did your mom say to you, i’m curious to know?


I went on one of my tarjet excursions the other day! Of course I just needed to pick up some pampers and said to myself “I’M GOIN IN AND COMIN OUT”…Who do I think I’m fooling do I EVER just come in and come out? Anyhoo I always seem to justify my spending in tarjet by boasting that I got whatever it is on SALE!!! I had been eyeing this top for a min. but new that it would eventually go on sale and I could wait…Well for $4.24 it was well worth the wait, its actually a maternity top by liz lange(now me of all people with 4 kids don’t even need to be remotely close to a maternity section, i might get jinxed :)…I’m so in luv with the print I figured if it didn’t fit well I’ll cut it up and use the fabric to make another piece! But alas an XS fit just right…I also got these wedges for $17.99, I basically got them because the sole is wooden and for the funky cut out and oh yeah it doesn’t hurt that green is my favorite color..Not sure what I’m going to pair this top with, but I’ll figure it out!


(photo on left courtesy of

All I can say is LUV,LUV,LUV!!!!

Nuvany Ni’ce x Rebel Chic Giveaway

Yay and the winner is Shampayne from NYC! Thanks to everyone that entered, make sure to join the notify list to receive updates on new giveaways and more!

Time for another giveaway this time around sponsored by the lovely Tisha Brown of Rebel Chic, if you haven’t already checked her what are you waiting for! She hand makes these beautiful earrings from reclaimed leather and organic materials, dope right!!! Yes, so she’s graciously donated a pair of the Aunty Entity Hoops($58 value handcrafted from reclaimed leather and 14k gold pl. hardware)!Your probably nosey like me and want to know which pair is up for grabs, but nope nope I’m not telling! That’s right it’s a surprise, a mystery :)! Here are the rules and entry instructions below:

1. Visit and tell me your favorite style and color from the Aunty Entity collection!

2. Join the Nuvany Ni’ce Notify List to receive email updates about the site!(if you already have skip this step)

3. Age, Location!

4. E-mail your answers to

On March 28, 2008 I’ll pick one winner at random, please one entry per person and ya’ll know how it goes intl. entries must be willing to cover all shipping cost! Man I really have to thank everyone that has been showin luv and continuing to support Nuvany Ni’ce its definitely appreciated MUCH! DON’T FORGET TO SHOW TISHA SOME LUV BY VISITING WWW.REBELCHICNYC.COM, LET HER KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF HER DESIGNS!

Feature: Fresh n Fierce

NN: Words can’t describe the way I felt when I happened upon Tisha Brown’s delectable earrings…I’m drawn to designers that create with simplicity and chicness, and Rebel Chic is just that! Who is Tisha Brown?

RC: Tisha Brown is a girl who appreciates the beauty in simple things. Whether designing jewelry or styling, there is an art in making a statement with simplicity.

NN: As a fashion stylist and costume designer first, one would think you would possibly be more drawn to designing clothing, why jewelry?

RC:Who knows, clothing design could be in the future but for now I can walk into a store and find clothing that I like. My interest in designing jewelry came from the lack of variety in the market. Everything was beaded or hammered metal and I wanted jewelry that stood apart from the pieces out there, so I figured why not make my own.

NN: I’m so excited to know that you use reclaimed leather and organic materials…Why did you make this decision and do you plan to incorporate any other methods/materials into your designs in the future?

RC: When conceptualizing Rebel Chic I thought instead of using entire hides of leather why not use the remnants of discarded leather pieces. My career is a bit superficial but there are many ways we can make a change in our community without becoming Mother Theresa. Using reclaimed leather is one way for me. I do plan to expand on the line utilizing different materials and methods in the future.

NN: I’m sure hand making can become tiring and tedious, are your earrings made to order or do you have a limited quantity?

RC:They are made to order. Right now I sell to boutiques so I am able to keep up with the demand without my fingers falling off.

NN: Your debut collection is titled Aunty Entity, what were your inspirations for this collection and your brand overall?

RC:Aunty Entity is Tina Turner’s character from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I love the raw, barbaric design of the costumes. The use of metal and leather was edgy yet soft and feminine on Tina. Overall Rebel Chic is inspired by strong women who have influenced art, music and social change.

NN: What are some highlights of your experience as a jewelry designer thus far?

RC: The feedback I get from people. I love when people stop me in the street when I’m wearing my earrings and ask where they can buy them.

NN: Where can folks purchase Rebel Chic?

RC: They can buy online at or
Rebel Chic is carried at LoveDay 31 in Astoria Queens, Screaming Mimi’s in NoHo and Stackhouse in Soho.
Stay tuned for boutiques in Brooklyn and Harlem.


I’ve always loved photography thanks to my Dad…He studied photography in Spain back in the day and had maddd foto books of pics. he took that I would just flip through when I was a kid! I remember taking a photography class when I was in high school it was one of my greatest adventures, and what was so dope is that I used one of my dads vintage Pentax cams for the class…I recently stumbled upon (i think this is one of my fav. phrases these days, huh) this picture and it just captured me…Vintage photos have always intrigued me, there’s always a story jumping out at you…So this photo belongs to Coby, I don’t know Coby I just asked him if I could post his pic. on my blog and he obliged, thanks Coby :)(remember ya’ll i’m random like that, its just me) and here’s the message he sent me:

Thats me and Moms back in 77 on the front porch in DC across the street from Howard University, holdin down the block. Shes most likeley whistlin somethin from the Cat Stephens era or better yet some Pheobe Snow… wich would explain why “Poetry Man” and “Wild World” have been in my head on constant replay as long as i can remember…

My pops back in the day in Spain, would make an ill shirt huh!