The Business of Being Born

I forgot where I found out about this flick but this is another one that I definitely would like to see…I know it may seem random to some but I’m a bit random like that :)…Yeah, I have four children and thank God I had them all naturally! It’s funny because I was discussing this the other day with someone…My oldest son was born enroute to the hospital in my parents van, yep that’s right on the side of the road in Atlanta…My friend asked if I still had to pay the hospital bill for the birth and my answer was YES…But technically the hospital did not deliver my son, my mom did…Of course I stayed in hospital for a few days after, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the Doctors performing the delivery…What do you think, am I responsible for a delivery bill?


One of my favorite sites right now! Honeyshed is a new,innovative,entertaining and fun new way for folks to advertise their brands/products to the masses…I love that they showcase reasonably priced items from fashion to technology(from alot of independent designers too) that are all dope! And the hosts and models are pretty funny and entertaining…You can even call in and be on the show, check it!