Help Support Indie Artists!!!!

***UPDATE*** Tina made it into the show, thanks to everyone that looked out!

I just received this e-mail from Tina of Laidback! If you haven’t please check her out she makes dope hip-hop & pop culture inspired decor and accessories for the home…This is one of my greatest passions supporting and promoting FIERCE independent designers…Ms. Tina has been grinding it out feverishly and has been accepted to participate at the BK DESIGNS show in May…This is a MAJOR accomplishment,but she needs our help getting there…. So she needs to raise $1600 by this Friday the 29th!!!! That’s right this FRIDAY FEBRUARY 29TH!!!! Click on the link above to help LAIDBACK progress to the next level of their movement! Anything helps so give what your able, I know that Tina will appreciate all of the support!!!!


I really thought by now I would be so over the scarf trend…But alas, I can go on thanks to A Peace Treaty…I’m all about folks helping each other create progressive livelihoods for themselves…The founders Farah and Dana do just that, by employing artisans in less fortunate “socio-political” torn regions of the world to create these beautiful wears! And to top it off they also give back by donating to an organization that helps bring medical supplies to DARFUR! Check dem


Mmmmmmmm….thats all I can say, check these LANVIN’S at from $995-$350 they’re do-able!