Yes, finally I’ve been upgraded courtesy of my ever fabulous other half! Sometimes I wonder when I’m talking to my hubby, are you hearing me or is this going in one ear and out the other? I guess my whining and nagging payed off, because voila my new camera has arrived! Valentines day came and my husband came home empty-handed(so I thought)….We planned later on that night that I would put the kids to bed early so that we could just relax together and watch a flick. So I put the kids down and I sat on the couch and waited for him to come inside(he was outside working on the house late into the night, we’re adding an extension to our house and he’s bob the builder-ing it all by himself and one other guy!) Man I fell straight asleep, and I woke up when he comes in asking me “Eb do you like Revlon,?” I’m wiping the drool from my mouth cock-eyed thinking man what are you talking about I don’t feel like playin your already in the dog house for skipping out on our date 🙂 He’s like I think your worth it and hands me a J&R bag (of course I’m feeling all guilty for the bad thoughts I just a sec. ago was thinking) Yay a new digital camera, I was so surprised and excited…I plan on doing so much more for the site with this new cam, oh its a CANON POWERSHOT SD870 IS DIGITAL ELPH wheww thats a mouthful!