My Mom wrote this for me for V-day…My parents rock harder than anyone I know literally! They are so the examples of what I want to achieve in my marriage and as a parent…Okay nuff sappiness from me just read and be blessed!

As I was contemplating about what gift I could give you,it dawned on me that the best gifts are eternal.So I decided to give you the gift of inspirational words.Ibelieve words are like the prayers of the saints that rise up to heaven before the throne of God.They have no death,they continue to accomplish what God desires them to,no matter how long it takes.I am reminded of the prayers of my godly mother,that I am continuously seeing fulfilled in my life and the lives of my siblings.So let these words challenge and refresh your spirit,let them sink down into the crevices of your soul,like a warm cup of latte on a cold winter night. January 14th Ralph & I celebrated 28 years of loving,learning and growing together as one.Over the years I’ve discovered a few treasures I’d like to share with you.1)marriage is not a 50/50 proposition(sometimes it’s 100/500,sometimes it’s 1000/50)but whose keeping score?)2)we live,we love,we forgive,we never give up.3)my promise to be faithful was made to God and before God,so I’m in this for the long haul(till death do us part,remember those words?)4)I will always love you,respect you and romance you.(remember all that we did to impress each other during your pursuit of my love?(I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade along the way and I am even more creative now!)so trust me honey, you’ll never have a dull moment!5)i never cease to discover new things about you,you continue to be my friend,confidante and lover.(i prefer no one before you(except God!)6)when i grow up i want to be just like you!!!(thank you Lord for giving me a man who loves you more than he loves me!)7)our date night is so lovely,and the unexpected gifts are like icing on a homemade cake(oh so sweet!)8)your gentlemanness(is this a word?)makes me love being a woman.9)your ability to listen to my heart instead of always trying to fix me is worth it all.10)the sparkle in your eyes that tell me,”baby you still got it “,is so reminiscient of our first date in Madrid,Spain on the Gran Via.11)My beautiful babies Ralph & Ebony who you have so selflessly fathered and continue to be whatever is needed in their adult lives;an intercessor,a counselor,a friend,a life coach,an example in word and deed.12)Last but not least I would like to say thank you,to the love of my life,and I pray that I will always take time and make time to love and appreciate those like you who have made an indelible mark on my life.

Let us not simply remember this day(Valentine Day)but let us plan many more of these days;where we can come together,not to just listen to sweet words,but to be challenged and inspired to improve on the good thing of marriagethat the Lord has blessed us with.

Let us cherish each other every day,as if it were our last. Ralph & I love each of you with the love of God.Our prayer is that your marriage will be a living example of ourfather’s love for His bride,the church.

One Response to “LATE V-DAY POST!”

  1. Budgetdiva Says:

    How beautiful are these words. I can feel the love coming off the screen. It leaves me hopeful that this kind of love can exist for me to.

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