Feature: Fresh n Fierce


NN: What is Ferociter?

F: Ferociter is a jewelry design house created by me Aimie Dukes, that specializes in combining vintage and new materials to create unique, trend-conscious accessories. The word Ferociter is Latin for “with spirit”.

NN: When and why did you decide to create Ferociter?

F: Ferociter launched in December 2007 after deciding that I needed a concrete outlet for my creative work. I came to realize that if you want something in your life, you have to create it for yourself. There’s no such thing as waiting for someone else to hand it to you!

NN: What is the indie scene like in Minnesota?

F: Minneapolis has an active community of indie designers with many boutiques, entertainment venues, non-profits and individuals dedicated to providing new and exciting opportunities for us to show our work. It seems like there’s always another fashion show, indie craft fair or some kind of event going on!

NN: I love how you combine the vintage elements with the new…Where do find all of the unique vintage pieces that you use in your line?

F:It’s a constant search! I buy from many different sources – both online and locally.

NN: Its really great to see you paying homage to Black History month with your Cowry Collection…What inspired the collection and what is a Cowry :)?

F:A cowry is a kind of shell that’s been used for centuries in everything from jewelry to spiritual ceremonies and was once considered currency in Africa, India and China; it’s associated with the female gender, fertility and wealth. The Cowry Collection was inspired by the women I know who embrace that particular aesthetic and all that it stands for.

NN: How has your journey been thus far across the board as an Independent Designer?

F: It’s been so rewarding. Ferociter has definitely exceeded my expectations already and it’s great to be able to create while providing people with what they want.

NN:What are your future plans for Ferociter?

F: I’m always dreaming up new designs so there will be many more collections to come! I’m also working on designing accessories for a local fashion show in April and possibly doing another show in the fall so I’m keeping quite busy!

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