Okay do ya’ll love them, cuz I do! Yeah these are my new Costume National pants that I got for $25 bucks from Rag Nation(if you don’t already know check dem)…They are like the basketball players snap warm-up pants, I can just rip them off :0!So i’m debating whether I’m a bit chub for them or if I want to stay in denial and keep them anyway(i’ve already made the decision to keep them :)…They’re a blend of wool and lycra so they have a nice little stretch to em…You can’t really see in the pic. but they are stretching a tad from mi thighs I think…But i’m sure I can probably rock them with a slightly longer top and voila, make it work! These pants are so fierce I have so many ideas of how I’m going to rock them and they are just the right weight that I can rock them year round! Yes I will be wearing these when I’m like 50 and if anyone looks at me weird i’ll be like WHAT, WHAT!!! It’s funny the things you notice about yourself when you take pics, my posture is a bit atrocious I will definitely be working on that from now on! Please leave your comments postitive or negative I can take it 🙂

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