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Feature: Fresh n Fierce

NN:Thanks for mashing it up with us Melody! So tell us a little bit
about Melody Ehsani the designer?

ME: Thank you for having me! Melody Ehsani the designer, I think for the
first time in my life Im very clear and focused. I know my main goal in
life is to serve humanity in the best way that I know how, and that is
through utilizing the divine blueprint that was given to me. Its a
beautiful thing when you do what you love and what you love creates
more love in the world.

NN: I read in your bio that you started out studying law, what a drastic contrast from design..Are you able to put to use anything you learned
in law school as a Designer?

ME: Not directly. I wanted to go to law school to fight for human rights
by changing the law and setting a precedent as a woman in the field.
However, Im doing the same thing through design. Except this way I get
to make more heart to heart connections. I guess I can read and
understand a contract a little better than your average designer, lol.

NN: You recently designed a few custom jewelry pieces for Erykah Badu’s
upcoming album New Emerykah..How did you link up with her and what was
your experience working with her?

ME: Erykah is a jewel to me. She’s served as a major source of inspiration
to me, and Im so happy I get to work with her. She’s one of those
folks who’s just just bad, you know what I mean? The most honorable
thing about her is that she’s incredibly supportive of new art/artists,
and very humble and sweet… I met her because she saw some of my
pieces on some mutual friends (?uestlove and Saul Williams), and
inquired them about it, then we ended up being in LA and NY at the same
time, hung out and the rest is history.

NN: I’m sure your asked this question alot, but its very interesting to
know :)! What inspires your designs?

ME: Through anything I love. A lot of times its people, thats why I name a
lot of my shoes after my friends or people in my life during that time
period. Artwork, movies, books, furniture, nature, music…I know those
are all vague things, but inspiration for me is very random and
unexpected. Im also a collector. I used to collect sneakers, continue
to collect books, magazines, vintage sunglasses, jewelry, etc. so often
Ill dig through my stuff and have an “aha” moment.

NN: As a Persian Woman, customarily women are encouraged to pursue a
more “traditional” occupation. How have your family and friends
reacted to your decision to be a designer?

ME: Its not necessarily that women are encouraged to pursue more
traditional occupations, its more so that the highest value lies in who
you marry as a woman. So if I were to marry a doctor and become the new
Mrs. Dr. Melody Ehsani that would probably be more valuable than me
going out and getting my own doctoral degree. Also women are
encouraged to be more practical with their lives, so they tend to go
toward the safer, more guaranteed occupations. Of course, Im not
talking about all Persians across the charts, this is just my
experience and observation.
Personally, I havent received a lot of authentic support from my
immediate family, its hard to be a visionary, because your the only one
who holds the vision of your destiny. But Im happy I get to be the one
that breaks with culture and creates a new path for the next generation
to come. I really look forward to what thats going to look like.

NN: What advice would you give to women and young girls who share the
same burning passion for design like yourself?

ME: The definition for Faith is belief followed by action. First and
foremost you need to have belief in yourself and then you have to act
on it. It sounds simple, but its a lot of work. I believe that
everybody on this planet has the ability to perform miracles, you just
have to have true Faith. The other key thing is Authenticity. To
always remain true to you in everything that you do, people will not
believe you if your not creating something that comes from YOU.

NN: Any fellow indie designers that you’d like to shout out?

ME: Yessir….
Robot is the Future .
Han Cholo Jewelry,
Greedy Genius Sneaker Co.,
Jainesse Denim,
Kofie One
….Im sure Im forgetting a bunch.