The Business of Being Born

I forgot where I found out about this flick but this is another one that I definitely would like to see…I know it may seem random to some but I’m a bit random like that :)…Yeah, I have four children and thank God I had them all naturally! It’s funny because I was discussing this the other day with someone…My oldest son was born enroute to the hospital in my parents van, yep that’s right on the side of the road in Atlanta…My friend asked if I still had to pay the hospital bill for the birth and my answer was YES…But technically the hospital did not deliver my son, my mom did…Of course I stayed in hospital for a few days after, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the Doctors performing the delivery…What do you think, am I responsible for a delivery bill?


One of my favorite sites right now! Honeyshed is a new,innovative,entertaining and fun new way for folks to advertise their brands/products to the masses…I love that they showcase reasonably priced items from fashion to technology(from alot of independent designers too) that are all dope! And the hosts and models are pretty funny and entertaining…You can even call in and be on the show, check it!

Nuvany Ni’ce x Manimal Giveaway

Yay finally a winner…Congrats to Kenya from Kansas City, Kansas…Enjoy your booties girlie…And thanks to everyone that enterd and of course more giveaways to come, don’t forget to enter the REBEL CHIC GIVEAWAY ENDS March 28, 2008!!!

Have you read the new Fresh n Fierce Feature with Kristen Lombardi of Manimal, if not don’t forget to check it! Manimal is the sponsor of this krazy giveaway…Up for grabs is a dope pair of handmade Manimal Double Fringe Booties in toast (size 7)($180 Value)! If you want to be in the running like cool runnings :)(i know lame joke), enter the short survey below and your in! Only one entry per person and all of you international peeps must agree to pay all shipping costs! Okay we’re gonna stretch this one out a bit and I’ll announce one winner at random on Friday March 14, 2008…I’m not going to say a specific time so if you visit the site on March 14th and you do not see a winner posted your entry will be VALID!!!! Thanks for all of the continued support and a special thank-you to ms. Lombardi, please don’t forget to show your luv and check all of the frehsness at!!!!


Feature: Fresh n Fierce

NN: Thanks for accepting our invitation, we’re stoked to feature MANIMAL! Now can you give us a little background on Kristen Lombardi the designer,how you came up with the name MANIMAL for the line, and how long MANIMAL has been around?

KL: My mother has a business making curtains and worked from home while my brother, sister and I were growing up. My father is also artistic, and they both taught me to be creative and crafty early on. I studied fashion design in college and afterwards worked odd jobs sometimes related, and sometimes not, to my major. Manimal came to be in 2002 after a life changing visit to the American Southwest. A good friend and I rented a tic tac sized car and drove all around those deserts and canyons. While there we both looked for a good, authentic pair of moccasins to take home, but nothing suited us. When we returned, I checked a book out at the library and set to make a pair as a gift for my traveling companion. I made that pair, then another and another. Somehow that turned into a company…it was all slow going, and a very natural progression.

NN: I was so delighted to read that your another environmentally conscious gal! You use alot of recycled and organic fabrics for your collections, where do you find them and what types of fabrics do you prefer to work with?

KL:I have to say that though I’ve been a vegetarian since I was thirteen, I do love working in leather. The body and texture is so beautiful. I have recently (and finally) found a suede alternative which is pretty close to the real thing, so I offer both and let people decide which they prefer. Thankfully, as more people want to be buying green and environmentally conscious items, the raw materials are easier and easier to find.

NN:The Manimal jeans are so fly from the fit to the style to the cut! What kind of things are running through your head when your hand-making & creating all of these detailed unique pieces?

KL: For inspiration, I look to the traditional costuming and clothing of other cultures and try to interpret them into current looks. It’s a challenge that keeps the design process interesting. I never tire of museums and books. (and thank god for this Internet thing, right?!?!)

NN: I just skipped right over the moccasins which is how this whole thing started for you correct? You made your first pair from a boy scout book, tell us a little bit about that experience?

KL:I guess I jumped the gun and answered this question already up above…

NN: Your studio is your apartment in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts, describe to us a typical day for you from your inspirations to a finished product?

KL:This is every day of my life:

coffee and blogs (,,,,,

work and NPR.

work and the Colbert Report


NN: I’d like to think that all designers have a goal in mind when they decide to become designers! What is your ultimate goal for MANIMAL?

KL: Cowboy boots!

NN: 3 accomplishments that your are most proud of yourself for, since launching Manimal?

KL: Accomplishment #1: My first press piece was in the premier issue of Martha Stewart’s Blueprint magazine. I was completely shocked when they contacted me, and so so excited. Martha Stewart is the real deal!

Accomplishment #2: Pool Trade show. Last August, I attended my first trade show. I’m pretty shy, so to go and represent myself and not hide away from the world in my workroom was a point of pride, and a good life lesson for me.

Accomplishment #3: Leaving my “day job”. I had work which I loved as the studio manager in the fashion design department at the Massachusetts College of Art. It was a part time position, and I managed to balance both manimal and that job until things with manimal got too busy.
It was a hard decision to leave, but it was time, and I was ready to finally and happily belong to myself.

Help Support Indie Artists!!!!

***UPDATE*** Tina made it into the show, thanks to everyone that looked out!

I just received this e-mail from Tina of Laidback! If you haven’t please check her out she makes dope hip-hop & pop culture inspired decor and accessories for the home…This is one of my greatest passions supporting and promoting FIERCE independent designers…Ms. Tina has been grinding it out feverishly and has been accepted to participate at the BK DESIGNS show in May…This is a MAJOR accomplishment,but she needs our help getting there…. So she needs to raise $1600 by this Friday the 29th!!!! That’s right this FRIDAY FEBRUARY 29TH!!!! Click on the link above to help LAIDBACK progress to the next level of their movement! Anything helps so give what your able, I know that Tina will appreciate all of the support!!!!


I really thought by now I would be so over the scarf trend…But alas, I can go on thanks to A Peace Treaty…I’m all about folks helping each other create progressive livelihoods for themselves…The founders Farah and Dana do just that, by employing artisans in less fortunate “socio-political” torn regions of the world to create these beautiful wears! And to top it off they also give back by donating to an organization that helps bring medical supplies to DARFUR! Check dem


Mmmmmmmm….thats all I can say, check these LANVIN’S at from $995-$350 they’re do-able!


This is one of the hottest foto’s I’ve seen in a minute! I’m anxious to see what Zulu Rose is going to unveil for their spring/summer collection…I luv the new site layout also, much more functional and the new pics. have really got me wanting more Zulu Rose…Pieces of Brooklyn has got a few of their tees on sale now, you should go cop one…I am :), and they’ve got FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!


These are fotos of dutch artist Ntjamrosie’s photo shoot for her debut album Atouba! The bright colors are calling my name all the way from Holland :)…Fashion Designer Patricia Fonseca Monteiro created the look for the shoot and the well-known duo Petrovsky & Ramone were the photographers…Ntjamrosie is originally from Cameroon and performs a track on her album “Bia Yon”(my favorite:) in her native language bulu!


Yes, finally I’ve been upgraded courtesy of my ever fabulous other half! Sometimes I wonder when I’m talking to my hubby, are you hearing me or is this going in one ear and out the other? I guess my whining and nagging payed off, because voila my new camera has arrived! Valentines day came and my husband came home empty-handed(so I thought)….We planned later on that night that I would put the kids to bed early so that we could just relax together and watch a flick. So I put the kids down and I sat on the couch and waited for him to come inside(he was outside working on the house late into the night, we’re adding an extension to our house and he’s bob the builder-ing it all by himself and one other guy!) Man I fell straight asleep, and I woke up when he comes in asking me “Eb do you like Revlon,?” I’m wiping the drool from my mouth cock-eyed thinking man what are you talking about I don’t feel like playin your already in the dog house for skipping out on our date 🙂 He’s like I think your worth it and hands me a J&R bag (of course I’m feeling all guilty for the bad thoughts I just a sec. ago was thinking) Yay a new digital camera, I was so surprised and excited…I plan on doing so much more for the site with this new cam, oh its a CANON POWERSHOT SD870 IS DIGITAL ELPH wheww thats a mouthful!