Whats good people! Hows the weather where your at? Its massively cold here in jersey city…What you doing today? I’m getting ready to go to church this morning, should be very exciting Jaiden and Noo-Noo are singing in the children’s choir today and Jaidens got a solo, yeah boi!

This is the first installation of the THINGS I <3, I'm going to try to maintain this ting daily! I'm browsing my daily spots like usual and stumble upon these krazy rings over at the BKC…If you don't know about the BKC aka The Brooklyn Circus where have you been? The whole crew over there are really friends in my head…I just love their whole movement…Ouigi is sick with his interpretation of design…BKC has really opened and exposed my mind to design in a whole new dimension! And it never stops they keep it FRESH ALL DAY!!! Yeah so add them to your daily spots and tell em where you heard!