FEATURE: Fresh n Fierce


NN: It seems that missbruno is a sister-duo, please introduce yourselves?

MB: Indeed. It’s a family affair! My sister Marjory Bruno and I, Shirley, are co-designers and co-creators of missbruno.

NN: How long have you been designing and do you have any formal training?

MB: We both have some formal training from FIT but in a sense, we feel like we’ve been designing this line in our minds for years. My sister Marjory is a musician and I’m a filmmaker by trade so we’re designers in other ways. But ever since we were kids, Marjory has been designing for herself, friends & family. She used to make me these weird print culottes and wrap skirts for me. We still use our mother’s Singer Marjory used to sew on as a child.?

NN: Why did you decide to launch your line with scarves?

MB: The My So-Called scarf collection just developed organically. We wanted to do something really special. Something that was in step with our design philosophy: lush fabrics, patterns full of history, innovative, yet simple design.?

NN: I love the styling in the photo shoot on your site, what was the concept for the shoot?

MB: Oh yes! the portrait photographer, Seydou Keïta, was the inspiration for the campaign. His work is so layered, so amazing! It’s full of texture and patterns. And there’s a decadence and sense of humour in his work that always reminds us our own aesthetics and of old photographs our parents took back in Haiti. They were stylin’ back then! We wanted to mix this vintage feel with the new. A few songs by Marjory’s alter ego, A Fly in Buttermilk also served as inspiration.

NN: The colors, textiles and texture of the scarves seem to tell a story, can you elaborate on that?

MB: Yes, it’s in our DNA to be storytellers. There are many stories weaved in: It’s in the characters our wonderful models took on, it’s on the design, it’s in the fabrics we chose and then there are the new stories that people who wear our so-called scarves bring to it as well.

NN: Is there a goal or message that you hope to convey through Missbruno?

MB: For sure! Our designs are extensions of ourselves, in a sense. We design wholistically, meaning our scarves are both beautiful and functional. We’re also health nuts, planet conscious, and the generations before us inform our work so it’s natural for all this to come out in everything we create.

NN: It looks like you’ll be launching a line of dresses in the spring, what can we look forward to?

MB: Yes, our spring So-Called dress collection is in the works! Actually many of our wraparounds inspired this next collection. Expect lots of geometric, busy patterns and haute couture details but in classic, very women-friendly silhouettes. We like to make our designs extremely easy wear and timeless throughout every stage of your life, whether you’re 20 or 50, pregnant or a globetrotter. You can expect more plaid, batik, aso oke, raw silks. And we’ll have a few unisex tops as well. Our collection debut will be in March so look out for that.

NN: What do you envision for Missbruno say a year from now?

MB:We’re developing a business structure that reflects are way of life so we’ve form a design collective to share our talent and resources with other like-minded artists. We also want to nurture the next generation to think outside the box so we’ll be spearheading a children’s program as well. We’re bringing back piecework as opposed to the exploitative clothing manufacturing industry and we’re using more sustainable fabrics. We’ll also be doing more styling for film and stage and I’ll be directing a series of costume dramas.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi there. thanks for posting this. I love what i see. I will check their site out. love your blog!!

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