If you haven’t heard about 21 maroons by now you’ve definitely been living under a rock! I love their whole concept, check their spring/summer 08 line! Thanks for lookin out Emeka!


I’m lovin newcomers Discrete Royalty…The styling and photography are pretty dope and their designs aren’t far behind! You’ve gotta check out their website, all of the items are handmade and are under $55…Thats right you better run and get yours before everythings gone…And don’t forget to check out their Spring 08 line, when I say FIYAH somebody get the fire extinguisher!!!


I’ve been trying to hold out on these designers! Amy McCormick and Kathleen Hayes are the fab duo designers behind the luscious label ColeyClaire! I actually had the pleasure of meeting Amy,it was a totally insightful experience…I got a peek inside their design studio and asked her a few questions about their design process…These girls are the truth and they are gonna blow up so fast so cop something now, while they’re still a bit exclusive and new!


This is what happened today when I turned my back for one sec. on lil Kai- Eucerin baby caught in the act! (Do you know how thick eucerin cream is, mad hard to get off:)

A few seconds after the guilt subsides, self congratulation! Cause we know this is not the first time we’ve come in contact with thick creams on our lil bodies and CLOTHING!

Feature: Fresh n Fierce

NN: Is FLY LADY DI your real name? If not how did you acquire the name?

FLD: No, of course it’s not my real name. My real name is Diana Reyes,
which is what I also sometimes go by. I thought up the name when I
was 13 and wanting to become a ‘Fly Girl’. As a child, everyone
always called me ‘Lady Di’ because Princess Diana was pregnant when I
was born. So, I thought to just put the three together and be FLY

NN: Where are you originally from and how did you get to New York?

FLD: I’m originally from the suburbs of Toronto. A place called Markham,
Ontario in Canada. I moved to New York in May 2004 to pursue my
dancing dreams, and just made it happen. It was a hard struggle, but
everyone struggles at first when they get here. I’m just glad that I
can live to tell about it, and that I am growing in success everyday
that I’m here. I’ve learned a lot by being out here.

NN: As a dancer first and now an acclaimed artist, did you find it
difficult to make the transition?

FLD: Not at all. I still feel like I’m both at the same time, even though
I’m not actively pursuing dance. I think it would be a lot harder if
I was an artist first and then a dancer. Dancing is a tough field.

NN: When I look at your art its like I can see the dance in the
painting,can you elaborate on that?

FLD: Absolutely. I always feel as though my fingers are dancing to the
beat of God’s drum when I paint. God is really in control of my
movements. The arts are all one in the same. There are several
things I attribute with dance that I attribute with painting. Things
like spatiality, rhythm, flow, etc.

NN: You’ve definitely overcome massive obstacles to get to where your
at today! Do you feel that your truly living the “American Dream”?

FLD: Yes, most definitely. I came here with very little, and now I feel
like I can attain anything I want. I feel like I’ve been able to do a
lot in a short amount of time.

NN: When can we expect the original mixtape tees, I tell you I really
missed out but I’ve never forgotten :)!!!

FLD: Oh haha! I expect to launch them by early April so look out for them!


Well by now i’m sure ya’ll now I LUV a bargain! Rag Nation is like a breath of fresh air for any barganista…How about designer clothing straight from the runway at like 50-75% off retail…That’s right, I found out about this site about 4 years ago and its definitely on my everyday site visits list…Check them out and let em know where you heard it first 🙂 And don’t buy the costume national button-up pants they’re mine :::)!!!


Big ups to my girl Karina…She surprised me with this book last night! This has actually been one of my goals this year to learn how to sew…I’ve got so many ideas and vintage fabric/clothes waiting to be revamped! So here’s my reason to pull out my good ol’ pink QVC beginner sewing machine…Yep I saiidddidd it I got that joint from QVC a while back and I’ve never really tested it out…Here’s my chance I’ll definitely share my creations with you lovely people! Here I go,wish me luck :)!!!


I love Artist Lee Gainer’s colorful recycled collages! Its so interesting to see how others create and interpret art! Check her out I’m sure you’ll find something!


Green design studio based in brooklyn,run by two sisters and a friend! “Compai aims to change the way that people approach fashion because being stylish does not have to cost us our planet” check dem and support their movement to help sustain our world!


Congrats to Penny from Brooklyn thanks to everyone for your entries…more to come as alway!


Win this neat Hollyhawk cuff…tell me two of your favorite Indie Fashion Designers…leave your answers below in the comments(don’t forget to send an e-mail subj: hollyhawk giveaway to so that I can notify you if you win)! Good Luck I’ll announce the winner next Thursday and don’t forget to show holly some love by visiting her etsy shop !!!