GIVEAWAY: Nuvany Ni’ce x Princess of the Posse x 2 tees

Yay, thanks to everyone for sending in your entries…the winners are Barbie from Canada and Raven from Harlem! Lookout for more giveaways real soon!!!

Alright, here we go another slammin giveaway sponsored by the P.O.P Crew!!! 2 limited edition tees (1 Red love-hate sz.small, 1 Teal love-hate sz.medium) 2 winners…Ya’ll gonna have to work for this one! Please send one stylish photo of yourself to Once your entry is received you will receive a confirmation e-mail granting you entrance to the contest…I will pick 2 winners on January 3, 2008. Please don’t forget to support the lovely P.O.P Crew at their myspace page, hurry cuz these tees are running out like my Carmex!!!

FEATURE: Fresh n Fierce

1. How long have you been designing and do you have any formal training? P.O.P. has been in the works for a few years now and it has finally come together. We are a posse of four and have various levels of experience and training!

2. Were your designs inspired in any way by the famous Queen Latifah song “Princess of the Posse”? More like the culture behind Queen Latifah.. She represents an era where women in hip hop were coming up and gaining respect based on their creativity, style and individuality…If you want to get an idea of the beginnings of street wear culture just look at this period. The Princess of the Posse is the trend setting girl whose style comes from within. She stands out from the rest, turns heads, and is always on the forefront of Fashion,Music and Art.

3. Whats your view on the recent popularity of women’s street wear brands?We think it’s great so many women are working hard and making moves!! Props to all the ladies doin’ their thang thang!

4. What is unique about your brand that sets you apart from all of your competitors?
Each brand has their own distinctive styles and experiences which they express through their designs. We are giving you our own unique viewpoint from extreme NYC street fashionistas!

5. Where do you for see Princess of the Posse in say about a year from now?In a year we will be a widely recognized street wear brand. Our clothing will be in every city across the globe!

6. What can we expect for summer 08′ from Princess of the Posse?Fly T-shirts ladies!! You’ll have to wait and see!!