FEATURE: Fresh n Fierce


1.What is Mociun? Mociun is my last name. Its pronounced ‘motion’.

2.What was your occupation before you launching Mociun? I was a woven designer at a textiles mill for 3 months after I graduated from college, but I got fired. So I started my own line.

3.Where and how are the clothes manufactured? I used to do it all myself now I use a couple of small factories in New York City.

4.Do you feel that because you are an independent designer your audience is limited? No not really. I think its just takes time to grow and to reach a wider range of people. Not that its ever going to reach as many people as say the Gap. It will always remain a little special because of its price but I think independent designers can stay independent and grow to whatever size they want if they know what they are doing.

5.How do you determine what fabrics to use each collection/season? Well I try and use mainly eco fabrics so that narrows it down right away. Also since I print all my own fabric I’m looking at mainly solids so I often go by the hand and drape of the fabric.

6.What are some things that influence your design style?
Where I grew up (Nevada City, CA), the art and design that I see around me (esp. these artists: kiki smith, henry darger, amy cutler). bauhous textiles, native american textiles, art and jewelry. And being around other people that are creating things.

7.What can Mociun lovers look forward to for the next collection and the future? I’m adding a mens line and a jewelry line- those are launching with fall 08. I’m also starting to do digitally printed fabrics, which means more expensive pieces but some crazy looking fabric for those whole are textile lovers.