Yay, finally our first installment of the new STYLE JOCK OF THE WEEK!!! So I’m driving to get the kids from school(in HOBOKEN) and I spot this guy walking across the street eating a slice of pizza with a crazy ill coat on…I’m like dag how am I going to catch him he’s over there and I’m here sitting at the light and he’s just walking farther and farther away from the direction that I’m going in…So I’m like yo that coat is so fly I’m gonna have to chase him down! So I figure he’s walking in a certain direction so I double park all on the side of the road and wait! I’m like hey can I take a pic. of your coat, he’s eating his pizza like wha? and proceeds to walk away with a smile like maybe she not talking to me…So then I anxiously jump out of my car and proceed to tell him how hot I think his coat is and if I can snap a pic..He so graciously obliges and tells me his name…Hopefully he won’t get mad if I put his name all out there like this but I thought it was a snazzy name…So I introduce to ya’ll Macheko(not sure of the spelling but it sounds exactly how I spelled it)…And then of course in one of my ol ditsy moments say to him…oh interesting name sounds Italian, he’s like nah PUERTO RICAN..ha ha Enjoy people and there will be more STYLE JOCKS to come! Oh yeah and his friend made the coat for him(not sure of the designer waiting on the details)!