FEATURE: Fresh n Fierce


1.Where are you located and how long have you been designing?
We are located in both New York City and Jersey City. I say this because my partner lives in New York and I live in Jersey. Together we have been working on Rhythmik_life for about a year now. However, previous to Madelina joining me I had been working on the concept and a few pieces. The concept has been around for several years, the first pieces came out in 2004.

2.How did you come up with the name for your line/label?
That is an interesting story… [don’t worry I will keep it short]
I originally came up with the name Rhythmik_life to start a record label, but as I was doing research and started looking into the cost of starting up a I quickly realized that I was not going to get it off the ground without steady income. So I did some praying and found that God really lead me to the idea of having a line of t-shirts. The idea was to design and sell t-shirts in order to support the record label. Well, an odd thing happened, I really found that I loved fashion and making something unique. So, here I am a in the fashion biz. And the funny thing is that I am so busy now with the line, I have yet to have a chance to fully develop the record label. Though now I am able to focus a little more on it. So you should be not only seeing, but hearing something new from us very soon!

3.What inspires your designs?
For our summer line Madelina really had a great idea [well, this was one of many], to design based on creation. Basically we took one of the days in which God spent creating this world and designed based on that particular verses text. It was really quite an interesting idea. So we decided to go with Day three for two of our designs. But all and all our inspiration comes from our hearts. One of my sayings is “wear your heart on your sleeve” so we design based on that concept.

4.What are one of your favorite Indie Designers/Brands?
Well one of my favorites were Philip Kim, but Pre hype/media blitz

5.What’s next for your designs?
That is a good question…we are just now starting to design Spring/Summer 08 and Early Fall 08. But I see some bottoms and some different silhouettes in the future. Maybe even a dress or two as well.