1.Where are you located and how long have you been designing?
I live on the very west coast of Canada in picturesque Victoria. It’s a place with tons of creatively talented people and lots of support for that sort of pursuit. Hollyhawk was born out of necessity, just something I couldn’t’t not do and it’s has been soaring forward for the past year.

2.How did you come up with the name for your line/label?
Holly’s my name and hollyhawk is sort of my alter ego where I get to create and BE AS FREE AS A BIRD! Guess I’m using my artistic licence with the name.

3.What inspires your designs?
Experimenting! I just adore coming up with new ideas and testing them out. I always going about my day with a few ideas in my head, working out the kinks. But more specifically, subtle combinations of contrasting elements in every way imaginable, such as it be color, texture, pattern, shape. I love simplicity in design, without compromising functionality, classic styling with an unusual twist. And lot’s more like music, nature, humor, art, design, people…

4.What are one of your favorite Indie Designers/Brands?
Way too many to list, so here’s a link to my etsy favourites page http://www.etsy.com/favorite_sellers_public.php?user_id=83199 visuals are always a plus and check out my blog at www.hollyhawkhandmade.blogspot.com I have some much-admired featured artists on there and a few tidbits of what I’m up to.

5.What’s next for your designs?
I’ve just spent a bunch of time punching out little leather dots, that I sew onto wallets, wristlet and cuffs and I’ve even been printing on them and I really like that effect. Other than that who knows, but I’m so excited to find out myself!