1.Define cliche

Cliché is an idea. It is not a brand. I call the project “Cliché” because of my observations on popular
retro culture. Retro style is based on fashion items that are easily recognizable as something that
was popular from an era that the culture of today deems cool to emulate at the moment.
At the time people are really into the 80’s and early 90’s retro so I felt the timing was perfect to have
our 1st installment be these leather medallions.

2.How did you make the classic leather medallion your own?

We flipped the colors, textures & the packaging. We decided to replicate 2 versions that we felt best embodied the leather medallion, as it was in its original form. We made a circle with a power fist die cut in the middle, with a leather rope braided around the outer edge & we made a silhouette of the continent of Africa. We used 4 different color variations that differ from the red, black, & green or the green, yellow & red colors that leather medallions traditionally come in. We used a combination of lambskin and exotic leathers. It comes in in either a slick black box with a gold foil logo or a kraft brown box with copper foil logo. Inside the medallion and the leather braided rope come protected in a resealable cellophane envelope. On the envelope is a hand #’d sticker that bears our project’s logo and ethos “No idea’s original. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s never what you do; but how it’s done”. There were only 1200 pieces made.

3.Do you feel your designs will be able to transcend the retro 80’s bandwagon that consumers have
hopped on for NOW in fashion?

This specific installment of Cliché is intended to work with this trend and the oncoming early 90’s retro motif
(1992 party in NYC, etc)

4.What do you hope people will gain or interpret from your designs?

I want to instigate trend and inspire creative growth with this project. I want to see how the people
of today’s culture interpret the leather medallion as an expression of culture and identity, regardless their ethnicity. At some point hopefully you will see Japanese theme medallions or Puerto Rican or Haitian medallions. Also, I felt that more people are aware of blood diamonds, and are over contributing to such a heinous trade. There is a growing need for an alternative to diamond and precious metal driven jewelry and accessories but can still give a feeling of luxuriousness.

5.Any shout outs you want to give or plugs?

Mr. Kim, Vinnie Styles, Get Janet, Retro Kids, Worship Worthy, Stacks & Bundles, Triko, Leroy Jenkins, Positive Contact Group, Sound of Art, TYO Denim, Dre Hayes, Allison Miller, Dante TC5, Starrock Media