5733 GIVEAWAY!!!

And the winner is Lina I just loved her enthusiasm reppin were she’s from…Here’s what she had to say!

Representing the Bay Area here in Nor.Cal.!
I’m from San Jose, one of the biggest cities here, even bigger than San Francisco where I am currently living!
But I love representing the Bay because there is so much liveliness and history that emerges out here.
Landscape and architecture is amazing-from old and new. Hiking and Camping are common things here.
We got all the cool shopping districts for emerging designers such as our HAIGHT/ASHBURY street in SF!! and of course for the most pricy at the downtown district @ union square or Santana Row in San Jose!
Cultures embrace one another and people just want to jump from one melting pot to another!-this is mostly how artists get their inspiration.
There are so many beautiful hapas as well! Me being one..(half asain/half something else)
That shirt represents everything here in the Bay..diversity, creativity, and our infamous artists.
We got the HELLA-our infamous lingo.
This is the Bay Area-take it or leave it but most people take it without question.
And if I’m picked I can represent it here for sure!!!


Thanks to all of the dope designers that have sponsored a giveaway thus far! If you haven’t peeped the feature on 5733 you’ve gotta check it out! I loved the response J from 5733 gave to the question I asked how did you come up with the name for your line/label…He’s like how about its my address 5733 is where I am from, you know like the song philly is where i am from…uuummmm awkward silence, okay movin on…so we are so delighted that 5733 is givin this hot t-shirt(sz.small) of 1920’s and 30’s film legend Anna May Wong up for grabs…So all I want to know is where you are from rep your area,street,country whatever it may be let me know where you are from…So you can e-mail your responses to…and next thursday I will pick the hottest location that I feel in my own opinion 🙂 as the winner!!!! As always Peace