1.Where are you located and what is your age?I’m in Brooklyn, NY and I’ll be 25 a wee bit over a month…hint! hint!

2.How did you come up with the name for your label?
Well I was a bit of an ‘anti’ while I was in university so while my fellow photography major classmates were attempting to make ‘fine (fragile, special unique) art’ I photographed junk, printed junk etc. After a few series of junk photography the name kinda stuck so I kept it and started doing design an photography under that moniker.

3.Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
For me clothing is a forum for my graphics,photos and illustrations. I think galleries are strange…designated spaces for art, like handicapped parking or something. I feel like that forum support a categorical social structure that I’m not really feeling. Clothing is a fantastic forum for me because I believe that imagery, media and ideologies have a relatively short lifespan. They are still very important but to drag out the life can create unnecessary bureaucracy. I’ve digressed…Back to your question: social structures, propaganda and human interaction inspire my designs…hope your aren’t snoring yet.

4.What is one of your favorite inide brands?
When I first read that question, I thought It said ‘indie bands’, so I’ll answer both
Fav Indie Bands: well I’m really feeling Kudu, The Noisettes (not really indie anymore,still amazing)
Fav Indie Brands: Sass and Bide, The Cute Institute, Mina Stone, Imaginary Foundation, Quiet Doing, Greedie Genius

5.What’s next for your designs?
I just started (with the clothing)…so now that I’ve successfully figured out how my ups account works, I guess I’m on to designing more of the same…but umm better