1.Where are you located and how long have you been designing?I live in Hartford,CT, but I’m inspired by South American and Caribbean cultures when I design and make my jewelry. Ive been designing (graphic design)for many years but only recently moved from working digitally to creating stuff by hand. Theres a higher satisfaction i get from seeing a tangible product that i have made vs a piece I’ve designed on the screen. This change from creating on the computer to creating by hand came when I went to Brazil for two months and was introduced to crafting again and by the time i came back home that’s all i wanted to do.

2.How did you come up with the name for your line/label?
Well, i came up with the name The Art Lee Makes, because i wanted to create a line of products, from jewelry to buttons, to prints, to coasters and handbags and have them all identified under the same brand. Added to that my name is Lesa (pronounced Leesa), you can call me Lee, and I make art!

3.What inspires your designs?

I love the colors of the Caribbean, the natural fashion of the Amerindian tribes in South America, and the two combined. My jewelry line is greatly influenced by these cultures. I get natural products shipped to me, some coming from the amazon, that gives each piece, i make a unique feel. I try to keep up with trends and make my own. I also collect images of various things that inspires the ideas for my creations.

4.Do you have a favorite Indie Designer?Yes, me! 🙂 Besides me the designers that i love have nothing to do with jewelry and I’m not even sure if they’re considered indie. But they have inspired me to create other products in my line. I have too many favorites to list!

5.What’s next for your designs?Oh, when i think about “whats next” or the future i get so excited. I’ll be creating more jewelry for sure!!! I’ll be posting, soon, my newly designed buttons, coasters, and prints on theartleemakes.etsy.com. After that the handbags will my next venture. I’ll be churning out all these things and more. I constantly get new material being shipped to me from South America, so you can bet for sure, that my designs will be fresh, modern, ethnic, and unique. Just stay tuned for sure!