1.Where are you located and what is your age?

Charlotte, NC 26 years old… ooops, should a lady tell her age.. aw what the heck!

2.How did you come up with the name for your label?

Cecilia Jane was chosen to represent the long line of fashionable females in my family. Both names have been used for generations as first and middle names. I chose to continue the legacy with my label.

3.Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
I draw inspiration from the women I meet in everyday life. I listen to what they like and don’t like. I also love looking at nature meeting man made structural design.

4.What is one of your favorite indie brands?
I like little odd Forest.. it for the little girl in me that wants to come out every second full moon.

5.What’s next for your designs?
Man please don’t make me say… don’t you want it to be a surprise.. actually I’m working on some leather bag designs.. I’m thinking fem rock star!! What do you think?