So I’m finally getting around to the new feature that I told you about in the last e-mail(sign up for e-mail updates via the notify list at the bottom right hand side of the site)…I’ve already tweaked it a bit, instead of solely finding new artists and designers via myspace…whenever I find an indie designer that I think is hot, wherever it may be I’m gonna post it! Once a week i’ll post a new fresh n fierce designer so stay tuned for a whole lot of freshness…Here we go the first installation of Fresh n Fierce!

Sulu-Design is a jewelry company based out of new york city…all handmade and one of a kind designs inspired by the simplest things in everyday life…I fell in love with these designs because they are so simple and organic…bold and subtle colors paired together…I picked a few of my favorites in the pic. above…and you gotta love a deal right, free shipping on all orders via the etsy shop …Please take time to visit Sulu-Design and help support a blossoming indie designer!

One Response to “New Feature: FRESH N FIERCE”

  1. andrea Says:

    These are beautiful. I love the clover ones.

    Also, thanks for the BeanPye link. I’m going to feature them on my site tomorrow.

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