My NY Fashion Week Experience!!!

Every girl dreams of attending anything remotely having to do with fashion week(or is it just mwa :)…Last night I attended the launch party for BeanpYe and what can I say the designer Sabrina Thompson outdid herself! She looked stunning in a longer version of the dress Beyonce wore on Oprah with the silver buckle! It was simply fierce…She had models walking around in the blazers and jewelry it was a neat concept…I had a blast!

And then….I brought a friend along and we decided to walk down to Bryant Park to see if we could see any celebs coming out of any shows! As we are walking up to the park I see Alexander Allen (eve’s stylist)…I shook his hand he was really cool…Also saw Tyson Beckford and the Stylist June Ambrose jumping into a cab! So we are standing in front of this humongo building by bryant park people were coming out I thought a show was going on in inside, so we’re just standing there looking at people come out…Then a guy walks up to us and is like you guys cant get in, we’re like no he’s like follow me…At this point I’m so stoked I can’t even talk…So we follow him up the stairs past security as he signals some type of hand motions to security that we are with him..And bam we are in the party! I see Chris Webber talking to a lady over here, and Foxy brown and Mos Def walk by us and then I’m like who is this guy he looks so familiar ah hah Paris Hilton’s father!!! I’m still trying to figure out who’s party is this I see all these people with these Chris Aire Vip passes around their neck, I know I’ve heard that name before just not coming to me right now…So I’m like let me ask someone and this guy tells us that he’s a famous jeweler like Jacob the jeweler, the thing that makes him so unique is that he sets his own stones…So he’s comes out all this security is around him as well as people just hoarding him,hugging him snatching pics…If you don’t’ know about Chris Aire google him and read his bio its simply genius, this guy definitely came from rags to riches per say…So to end this on a sweet note we had a blast it was a great experience and know I can say I semi-attended a fashion week event in my lifetime and hope to attend a show next year even If I’ve gotta sneak in 🙂 Here’s a pic. of the gift bag’s he gave out!