Fab Find Green Suede & Leather Kenneth Cole Bag

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is something new I’m starting once a month Fab Finds…I will post pics.of Items I find for myself & kiddies at unbelievable prices! This month’s fab find Oversized Green Suede & Leather Kenneth Cole Handbag…I found this bag this afternoon at the salvation army for $4.99…I couldn’t believe it, I was overly excited!Genuine suede and leather with magnetic closures…And of course green just happens to be my favorite color! Having kids you always need big roomy bags that are stylish, I’m sure some can relate! I can fit like three kids in this thing its humongo! The shoulder straps have a little wear, but are not visible if your not all up on me and if you are then you need to see it :)!!!